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General Purpose AC Capacitors
This series of Gem III is specifically designed for applications such as AC filters where harmonic frequencies greater than 60Hz are common. Application Data is provided starting on page 5 that gives the Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) for these units.
This allows the user to calculate the losses for each design/application and to ensure that they are kept within the permissible limits. Any questions regarding the suitability of a capacitor for a particular application may be referred to RBC Engineers through your RBC sales representative.

Available Capacitance Range: 2 to 120 μF
Capacitance Tolerance: ± 6%
Rated Voltage: See Rating Tables. Rating is the 60Hz RMS voltage for a sinusoidal waveform.
Leakage Current: 30 μA maximum
Frequency: 50/60 Hz. For higher frequencies refer to the Application.
Operating Temperature: -40 °C to +70 °C
Storage Temperature: -40 °C to +90 °C
Operating Life: 60,000 hours with 94% survival
Dissipation Factor: 0.1% maximum


GEM RCCB conforms to IS 12640-1:2000 and BS:4293. RCCB provides protection against Earthquake and High Sensitivity tripping.

Salient Features:
Unique 25 Box type terminals.
Body shell design provides complete finger proof protection.
RCCB's are available in 25A & 40A in DP and 40A & 63A in 4P version with 30 mA sensitivity. 100 mA sensitivity is available in 63A.


AC Box with Plug
Owing to the dedication of our diligent professionals, we have earned a reputed name in manufacturing and supplying the finest quality assortment of AC Box with Plug. With the experience in this field, we have positioned ourselves as a quality-oriented brand to provide the benefit of our product to the valued clients. The raw material used to manufacture the unmatchable quality product is of optimum .
Anti abrasive
Shock resistance


We offer a huge array of Industrial Plugs & Sockets, which are manufactured from the superior quality raw materials. These Industrial Plugs & Sockets are offered in various sizes and dimensions and can also be customized as per the needs of the client. These can be availed at industrial leading price.
They are suitable for adverse ambient temperature and humidity as well as for duty & corrosive atmosphere. The outer castings are made out of non corroding die cast aluminium alloy combining exceptional compactness with high strength.
plugs & sockets are easy to install and can be used on wide variety of domestic, commercial & industrial machines/appliances such portable machines, hand power tools, electric motors, office equipments, air conditioners, refrigerators, cooling & chilling cabinets, industrial ovens, portable welding sets, laws movers etc.


Forward/Reverse switch is used in lathes & Machines where forward and reverse operations are frequently done.

3 phase 440 V Ac 50 HZ.
16 A rating.
Power rating-2.2 k.w
Motor rating - Max 3 H.P.
Wire cross section – 6 Sq. mm


Nowadays we use more commonly miniature circuit breaker or MCB in low voltage electrical network instead of fuse. The MCB has some advantages compared to fuse.
It automatically switches off the electrical circuit during abnormal condition of the network means in over load condition as well as faulty condition. The fuse does not sense but miniature circuit breaker does it in more reliable way. MCB is much more sensitive to over current than fuse.
Another advantage is, as the switch operating knob comes at its off position during tripping, the faulty zone of the electrical circuit can easily be identified. But in case of fuse, fuse wire should be checked by opening fuse grip or cutout from fuse base, for confirming the blow of fuse wire.

'B' Curve Type :SP
Code Amps Type Price Std.Pack
161006-32 6A-32A SP 140 12
161040 40A SP 176 12
161063 63A SP 250 12


Salient Features
Standard thickness of 17.55mm, similar to lower rating of MCB (0.5 A 63 A) to facilitate easy mounting in any Distribution Box without requiring any extra space or special Distribution Boards.
Box type terminal has been designed for easy termination of cables upto 50
Heavy duty screws have been provided for better tightening of contacts. Heavy duty ETP copper terminals and extra thick silver inlaid contacts ensures low temperature rise and low watt loss.

Double Pole (DP)
Three Pole (TP)
Four Pole (FP)
Code Amps Type Price Std.Pack
142040 40A DP 282 6
142063 63A DP 320 6
144040 40A 4P 557 3
144063 63A 4P 600 3


The wide range of Double Doors Distribution Board we offer to clients are sturdy, spacious, aesthetically designed to suit all types of MCB's. These units are fabricated from the best quality CRCA Steel Sheets for good strength and finish.
The distribution Boards are supplied duly fitted with Busbar, Din-Channel and Neutral link. We paint these boxes with latest powder coating technology that ensure superior quality finish and also provide protection against corrosive atmosphere.

Three Phase MCB DB - Double Door
Code Ways In + Out Type Price Std.Pack
214225 4 6 + 12 T4/25 2870 2
214240 4 6 + 12 T4/40 2875 2
216263 6 6 + 18 T6/63 3245 2
218263 8 6 + 24 T8/63 3640 1
212263 12 6 + 36 T12/63 4050 1


Forward/Reverse switch is used in lathes & Machines where forward and reverse operations are frequently done.

3 phase 440 V Ac 50 HZ.
16 A rating.
Power rating-2.2 k.w
Motor rating - Max 3 H.P.
Wire cross section – 6 Sq. mm

PSS BOX With Complete Wiring
Code Amps Type Price Std.Pack
801025 25A PSS DB 2575 3
801032 32A PSS DB 3075 3
801040 40A PSS DB 3955 3
801063 63A PSS DB 4560 3
219310 100A PSS DB 775 3


We bring forth our vast industrial experience and expertise in this business and are instrumental in offering wide assortment of Sheet Steel Enclosure.

Abrasion resistance
Longer service life
Resistance against rust

Code Amps Type Price Std.Pack
219325 25A PSS DB 625 3
219332 32A PSS DB 625 3
219340 40A PSS DB 775 3
219363 63A PSS DB 775 3
219310 100A PSS DB 775 3


With the implementation of modern tools and technology, we are indulged in offering MCB Distribution Board. These Distribution Boards that we offer have robust body structure and are precisely designed. In addition, these Distribution Boards are easily available in various dimensions.

Low power consumption
Cost effective
Easy installation

Code Amps Type Price Std.Pack
204204 4 G-SP 4/D 900 5
204208 8 G-SP 8/D 1150 5
204212 12 G-SP 12/D 1370 4
204216 12 G-SP 16/D 1620 4


We have been providing wide range of Air Break DOL Starter to our clients. These are quality approved and energy efficient products used in various industries. The skilled professionals develop these products using upgraded technology and premium quality components that further ensure high performance and low operational cost.

Energy efficient
High strength
Long life

Type : MG DOL
Code Type HP Contactor
KW Price Std.Pack
603101 MG1 1 16A 1.5-2.5A 0.17 1555 6
603102 MG1 2 16A 2.5-4.0A 1.50 1555 6
603103 MG1 3 16A 4.0-6.5A 2.25 1555 6
603105 MG1 5 16A 6.0-10.0A 3.37 1555 6
603107 MG1 705 16A 9.0-14.0A 5.50 1555 6
603110 MG2 10 25A 13.0-21.0A 7.5 2100 6


This is the reduced voltage starting method. Voltage reduction during star-delta starting is achieved by physically reconfiguring the motor windings as illustrated in the figure below. During starting the motor windings are connected in star configuration and this reduces the voltage across each winding 3. This also reduces the torque by a factor of three. After a period of time the winding are reconfigured as delta and the motor runs normally.
Star/Delta starters are probably the most common reduced voltage starters. They are used in an attempt to reduce the start current applied to the motor during start as a means of reducing the disturbances and interference on the electrical supply.

Type : FASD(AIR)
Amps 800016 800025 800032 800040 800063 800100
Code 265 315 440 570 645 1215
Std.Pack 6 6 6 6 6 6


Electronic guard is predominantly used for human safety.This works based on modulated infra-red beam technique.These safety guards are designed in a way that fortifies maximum safety for people working in danger zone such as power press, shearing, bending, printing press and paper cutting machine.
These equipment are easy to understand . Electronic safety guards are easy to understand. A photo electric transmitter projects on array of synchronized parallel infra-red light beams to a receiver unit when an opaque objects interrupts one or more beams the light curtain controller send a stop signal to the guarded machine.
The transmitter unit contains light emitting diodes which emit pulses of invisible infra-red light when energized by the light curtains timing and logic circuitry.

Electronic Guard
Code Discription Price Std.Pack
691001 Single Phase Preventer 915 6
691002 Auto Start Preventer 1090 6
691003 Timer 920 6


Phase Selector Switch - T411/1
The leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality Cam Switch. Offered cam switch is examined on various quality parameters to ensure that final product meets the international quality norms.
Owing to its attributes like easy installation, simple operations, shock resistance and longer functional life, these switches receive huge demand in the market. The 63 Amp cam operated Cam Switch that we bring forth commonly finds its usage in electric & switchgear industry, production industry and many others.
Phase Selector Switch-T411/1
Amps 16A 25A 32A 40A 63A 100A
Code 800016 800025 800032 800040 800063 800100
Price 265 315 440 570 645 1215
Std.Pack 6 6 6 6 6 3

Changeover Switch
Product Name: Changeover Cam Switch; Model: LW28-20
Switch Type: Off - On - On - On - On; Posiotion Quantity: 5; Terminals Quantity: 16
Ui: 380V; Ith: 20A; Changeover Angle: 45 Degree; Screw Hole Diameter: 0.45cm/ 0.18"
Total Size: 4.9 x 4.9 x 9.3cm/1.9'' x 3.7'' x 3.7'' (L*W*H); External Mateiral: Plastic
Color: Black, Blue; Net Weight: 115g; Package: 1 x Changeover Cam Switch
Changeover Switch
16A 25A 32A 40A 63A
Code 832016 832025 832032 832040 832063
2P T401 380 480 560 780 1090
Code 833016 833025 833032 833040 833063
3P T402 500 720 785 965 1465
Code 834016 834025 834032 834040 834063
4P T403 585 950 990 1120 1835


Manufacturer & Supplier of Ois Immersed Motor Starter & DOL Ois Immersed Motor Starter. Our product range also comprises of Submersible Control Panel, Ois Immersed Control Panel.
By focusing on variegated demands of our respected clients spread all over the country, we are offering a commendable range of DOL Ois Immersed Motor Starter. Applauded due to its remarkable features, this product is used in varied automobiles and vehicles to regulate the performance of the electric motor.

Precise design
Reliable usage
Long working life

Type : OIS - DOL
Code Type HP RELAY Range KW price Std.Pack
653103 OIS D1 3 4.5 - 9A 2.25 3510 2
653105 OIS D2 5 8.0 - 12A 3.75 3570 2
653107 OIS D3 7.5 12.0 - 21A 5.50 3655 2
653110 OIS D4 10 15.0 - 26A 7.50 3725 2


A wide assortment of DOL Ois Immersed Starter is offered by us to customers at market leading prices. This DOL Ois Immersed Starter is extensively used for switching AC and in many other suitable applications. Further, the offered products are highly tested for their quality assurance before dispatch to market.

High efficiency
Optimal performance

Type : OIS - DOL(HD)
Code Type HP RELAY Range KW price Std.Pack
653210 OIS HD4 10 15.0 - 26A 7.50 4360 2
653212 OIS HD5 12.5 18.0 - 28A 9.50 4440 2
653215 OIS HD6 15 22.0 - 34A 11.25 4740 2


Star to Delta Operation is accomplished with the help of a robust handle in this type of starter. Magnetic Overload Relay is provided for complete protection of the electric motor. Starters in rating 30HP to 50HP are housed in pedestal back body for convenient entry of cables.
As per the industry set standards, this motor starter is manufactured from well tested components and the latest machines. Also, we provide this motor starter in diverse specifications.

Type : OIS - SD
Code Type HP RELAY Range KW price Std.Pack
663105 OIS SD1 5 8.0 - 12.0A 3.75 6170 2
663107 OIS SD2 7.5 12.0 - 210A 5.50 6170 2
663110 OIS SD3 10 15.0 - 26.0A 7.50 6170 2
663115 OIS SD4 15 22.0 - 34.0A 11.25 6845 2
663120 OIS SD5 20 30.0 - 45.0A 15.00 6940 2
663120 OIS SD5 20 30.0 - 45.0A 15.00 6940 2
663125 OIS SD6 25 38.0 - 50.0A 18.75 6975 2
663130 OIS SD7 30 45.0 - 55.0A 22.50 7860 2


With the help of our advancement in technology, we are providing an exclusive range of Sheet Ois Immersed Starter Star Delta Automaticin the industry. We believe in customer satisfaction so we finely processed our entire products range including Ois Immersed Starter- Star Delta Automatic and it is known for its freshness. This product is extensively used for switching AC and in many other suitable applications. Our product range is widely demanded in different other industrial sector.

Features :
Frame, Tank and cover are Powder Coated for Rust Free life.
Contacts are immersed in transformer oil which ensures quick quenching of arc,thus improves the contact life.

Type : Fully Automatic (OIS)
Code Type HP RELAY Range KW price Std.Pack
673105 OIS FASD 5 6.0 - 10.0A 3.75 7420 1
673107 OIS FASD 7.5 6.0 - 10.0A 5.50 7420 1
673110 OIS FASD 10 9.0 - 15.0A 7.50 7420 1
673115 OIS FASD 15 13.0 - 21.0A 11.25 7815 1
673120 OIS FASD 20 20.0 - 32.0A 15.00 7815 1
673125 OIS FASD 25 20.0 - 32.0A 18.75 7815 1
673130 OIS FASD 30 28.0 - 44.0A 22.50 7990 1


Whether it is standard panels or custom designs, Eclipse can provide the most practical, cost effective control panel for your combustion process. Eclipse uses its comprehensive combustion knowledge to develop a control panel than best fits your application needs. You can be confident your control panel will meet all applicable safety codes.

Model-I (spp)
Model-II (spp)
HP Code Price Code Price Std.Pack
1.0 273001 5640 273101 5855 2
2.0 273002 5640 273102 5855 2
3.0 273003 5640 273103 5855 2
5.0 273005 5640 273105 5855 2
7.5 273007 5640 273107 5855 2
10 273010 6135 273110 6235 2


Dry-running protection is one of the most important monitoring functions, as bearings and shaft seal may be damaged if the booster pumps run dry. It is thus always recommend to install dry-running protection on all booster sets.
Dry-running protection is one of the most important monitoring functions, as bearings and shaft seal may be damaged if the booster pumps run dry. It is thus always recommends to install dry-running protection on all booster sets.
There are three different methods for detection of water shortage:
Pressure switch on suction manifold or float switch/electrode relay in the supply tank: Dry-running protection with pressure/level switch.
Measurement of inlet pressure in the suction manifold by means of an analogue pressure transmitter: Dry-running protection with pressure transmitter.
Measurement of level in the supply tank by means of an analogue level transmitter: Dry-running protection with level transmitter.


Switchgears is leading manufacturer of ON-Load Change over Switches with Front Handle operation with wide application in all industrial and residential where individual system required safe and reliable transfer of power supply from main to standby supply and vice-versa.
On load changeover is the one which changes the load from one source of supply to the other source of supply while the load is connected which means that load will immediately draw current as soon as it is connected to other source.

Code Rated Current Price Std.Pack
350001 125A 10,000/- 1
350003 200A 12,675/- 1
350004 250A 16,790/- 1
350005 315A 19,100/- 1
350006 400A 27,290/- 1


We are the manufacturers and supplier of a wide range of Motor Starter Spares that includes genuine spares for oil starters and air brake starters. The parts are manufactured using high grade material in adherence with industry specific norms.

Dimensional accuracy
Corrosion resistance
Wear & tear resistance
High on performance
Require very low maintenance.


An ammeter is a measuring instrument used to measure the current in a circuit. Electric currents are measured in amperes (A), hence the name. Instruments used to measure smaller currents, in the milliampere or microampere range, are designated as milliammeters or microammeters.
A voltmeter, also known as a voltage meter, is an instrument used for measuring the potential difference, or voltage, between two points in an electrical or electronic circuit. Some voltmeters are intended for use in direct current (DC) circuits; others are designed for alternating current (AC) circuits. Specialized voltmeters can measure radio frequency (RF) voltage.
SE738 Terminal Block Standard Type 5A 5 Way is used mainly in applications like:
Application in general industrial equipment and home appliances like uninterrupted power supplies.
Air Conditioners
Weighing Scale Equipment
Industrial Lights